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daniela.jpg Dr. Daniel Ames is an associate professor of Geosciences and Civil Engineering at Idaho State University in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. Dr. Ames holds a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Utah State University where his research emphasis was centered on hydrologic and water resources modeling using probabilistic Bayesian networks and GIS. Dr. Ames is the recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Researcher of the Year award at Idaho State University where he leads the Geospatial Software Laboratory with a team of students and research associates who develop open source geographic information systems and interfaces for hydrologic simulation models. His flagship project, MapWindow GIS, is the predominant open source GIS for the Windows platform with over 6000 downloads per month and developers and users from around the world.

robertb.jpg Dr. Robert Beazer is a recent graduate who was studying applied modeling with geographic information systems. His research interests include the application of history and policy in GIS modeling. He received his BBA in Computer Information Science in 2001 and followed that up with a MA emphasizing Historical Resources Management in 2007. His master's project included the creation of an information system for analyzing and comparing historical presidential election results in Idaho, Utah, and Washington. This project represents his work towards the PhD emphasizing GIS.


daves.jpg Dr. David Solan was appointed as Director of the Energy Policy Institute and an Associate Director of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies in July 2009. He is also on the faculty in the Department of Public Policy & Administration at Boise State University.

Prior to his arrival in Idaho, Dr. Solan worked on energy policy in the nation's capital. He served as a Senior Policy Advisor at the US Environmental Protection Agency, reporting directly to the Deputy Administrator and the head of the Office of Research and Development on energy and management issues. He served as an energy policy analyst and investigator on the chief oversight committee in the US House of Representatives. His experience also includes tenure as a Legislative Director for a Member of Congress serving on committees for resources, science, and transportation policy.

He received his PhD and MA from the University of Delaware, and he has a BA from Drew University.

jeffreyj.jpg Jeffrey C. Joe is a Human Factors research psychologist and organizational development specialist at the Idaho National Laboratory. He earned a Master’s of Science degree in social psychology from the University of Utah. His research interests are in the general areas of human factors, safety culture, organizational development, and the challenges of integrating social, political, and technical perspectives for wicked problems, such as energy policy.

He is a group lead, and has been the acting manager for the Human Factors, Instrumentation and Control Systems Department at the INL. He also has extensive experience managing Human Factors projects for the US Department of Energy, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
(208) 526-4297

julietc.jpg Dr. Juliet Carlisle has dedicated a great deal of her time to research focused on public opinion and has investigated issues surrounding environmental concern including what people know about the environment, from where that knowledge originates, and how that knowledge influences their opinions and their behavior with regard to the environment and offshore oil drilling. Her dissertation drew upon research in political socialization, environmental attitudes, and knowledge acquisition to assess what American high school seniors know about the environment and the source of that knowledge. Specifically, she compares the varying influence of factors related to school and curriculum, family, individual characteristics, and one's background. Dr. Carlisle is co-author of a book manuscript that explores energy policy during energy crises with specific attention focused on the role of public opinion, business interests, and environmental activists.

davidk.jpg David Koehler has over 10 years of management experience in the private sector. In his current capacity at EPI, Koehler serves as the project coordinator for pertinent research, including the development of research efforts and project management.
Koehler holds a Master's degree from Boise State University (2009) in Public Administration, with an emphasis in Environmental and Natural Resource Policy and Administration. He also received both a Graduate Certificate in Community & Regional Planning (2008) and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science (2006) from Boise State University. While pursuing his graduate studies, Koehler was involved in the academic honors organizations Gamma Beta Phi and Pi Alpha Alpha.


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